Bright Beginnings Childcare and Learning Centers provide care and transportation to school-age children before and after school, days off from school, and during the summer months.

Bright Beginnings realizes children of this age group (6-12) need adult supervision and age-appropriate activities, along with a healthy amount of independence, to properly occupy them. Our program allows opportunities for quiet and restful activities, such as independent reading and individual homework. During the school months, we identify that school-age children have a busy schedule and a quiet break is sometimes very welcome. We also provide numerous recreational activities, both indoors and outdoors including foosball, basketball, soccer, group games, and let's not forget our "Park" like climber. Our program also provides opportunities for self-expression through age-appropriate art activities, creative writing projects, and play acting. Because it is during these years of development that children require opportunities to express freedom of choice, we encourage them to help select and plan the types of activities that interest them.

We are very confident that our School-Age Program will be a very valuable service for your child. The room is set up like a “home” with a living room area, a real kitchen area, a computer area, dramatic role play area, creative art area, and more. Some of our current children say, “We love it here!” That makes me feel great. (It’s not “DAYCARE” to them.)