We have been pleased with the care Lawson has received in both the infant and 1-year-old rooms. We appreciate the time and effort the staff at Bright Beginnings has put forth to help Lawson grow.

- Melissa and Tony S.

Bright Beginnings has been very beneficial for Gabrielle. It was a transition from her first day care to kindergarten. We appreciate the care and educational opportunities she has received while enrolled. Her teachers have made a positive impact on her ability to transition to the next phase of education. Please feel free to use us as a reference for potential clients.

- John and Kate S.

You have a top-notch facility and should be very proud of it. Dylan has learned so much and enjoyed his years at Bright Beginnings, thanks to you and the wonderful teachers you employ.

- Diane R.

I have been very pleased with Bright Beginnings. It is a great place and has helped my shy son open up to new people. I have actually already referred a couple people to Bright Beginnings

-Holly S.

I love how flexible Bright Beginnings is with our strange schedules.

– Cheryl K.

I always tell individuals about how happy I am with Bright Beginnings Daycare in De Pere, Wisconsin. Their staff is thoughtful, creative, and truly understands children. Being a teacher, my son always has had a difficult time each fall adjusting to the day care routine after his summers off. His teachers went above and beyond to make sure his transition was easy and effective. The other staff members know my son's name and interests. It is such a positive atmosphere and I feel that my son is truly loved. Bright Beginnings excels at planning daily lessons that teach children from ages 6 weeks to school-age. I absolutely love the annual Halloween and Christmas parties. The effort the staff puts forward in creating fun and personable activities at these events make you feel a sense of pride that your son is involved with such a great school.

I think a lot of times people hear the term “daycare” and they cringe. I would be lying if I was not worried at first about sending my son to a “daycare” environment. He has went from a shy to a sociable boy who loves his friends in his class and teachers. Bright Beginnings is a school that has helped bring out a lot of positive things in my 2 ½ year old. I strongly recommend Bright Beginnings.

– Andrea G.

We have been going to Bright Beginnings for almost 9 years. The teachers are always friendly and they always call you by name. The teachers acknowledge each child and always make them feel special. The teachers are excellent in working with children and helping them to grow — education, physical, and social. Our kids have always loved going to Bright Beginnings and as a parent — that means the most.

– Julie K.

Bright Beginnings is such a wonderful place. We have been with Bright Beginnings since Lexi started day care at 3 months and now she is 8. The teachers are terrific and really get involved with the kids. Bright Beginnings has done an excellent job growing and developing my daughter. Lexi is more than prepared for Kindergarten and can’t wait to go!

– Lisa S.

When I was in college I worked at the Bright Beginnings on the east side. So when I had a child of my own I really struggled touring other day care centers. Nothing could compare to the care from BB and that was very apparent to me when I visited other centers. Our life’s been pretty hectic and finances are tight, very tight, but I still have my daughter at BB and make other cuts to keep it that way. BB and their fantastic understanding staff have always done what they can to help me out and they continue to work with me. Having to use day care can be hard on some new moms, but hearing my daughter talk about all her friends and teachers makes everything a little easier – OK, a lot easier. And now we even have her teachers baby-sit on the weekends. I swear she has all the teachers wrapped around her little finger.

– Kylie M.

  • The teachers seem excited to tell me what a great day they had.
  • The teachers seem to enjoy (genuinely) what they do.
  • Everyone is very friendly
  • Bright Beginnings holds fun events for the whole family- summer party, Halloween Party, host Santa at Christmas time.
  • I feel confident that they keep the center clean.
  • My kids absolutely love the playground… they rave about the climbers and bikes!
  • I know that my kids are stimulated throughout the day with art, stories, activities, and play time.
  • I feel like everyone there cares because all of the teachers know my kids’ names, even if they aren’t usually with them ~and our names, too!

– Sue H.

Our kids have had a wonderful learning experience and in a great atmosphere! Teachers and staff have been wonderful!

– Rachel A.

It has been a pleasure having my children attend Bright Beginnings. My two-year-old always looks forward to seeing his teachers and friends, and comes home singing songs and eager to share all that he has learned throughout the day. My seven-year-old has attended Bright Beginnings for the past five years, and many of his old teachers still work at Bright Beginnings and greet him by name when they see him in the hall. I feel confident that both of my children have been provided with the best possible care and have been exposed to advanced learning materials, including a wide variety of cultural differences, which has undoubtedly enhanced their academic knowledge and social skills.

- Shawn S.

I would like to say how much we enjoy having Mya enrolled at Bright Beginnings. The teachers, programs, and ease of everything at your facility is phenomenal and we couldn't ask for anything better. My sister's son attends here as well and I can tell you that we have spread the word to everyone we know how much we enjoy you. Thank you so much for making it such a wonderful experience. We appreciate everything you do for our children. I look forward to having my son attend so that we can watch him excel.

We are writing to you in order to express our appreciation for all the kindness and dedicated care our grand-daughter, Cami, has received while in your four-year-old group. Ms. Denise always demonstrates a high degree of professionalism, while maintaining an easy-to-approach attitude, when we have questions or concerns. Denise represents your day care facility with the highest of standards. We value the comfort level we experience when dropping our grand-daughter off, knowing that Cami is in good hands. We always recommend your day care facilities when the occasion / topic is discussed. Cami is moving to the five-year-old group this fall, and we are confident the teachers and your entire staff will continue to provide excellence in day care services. We are delighted with the management style, and are glad to be part of the Bright Beginnings' family.

- Robert Z.

 I wanted to let you, Tracy, and your staff know that Eric and I toured another daycare, near our home, that we were certain was going to be the daycare we send Baby Girl #2.  This daycare had recommendations from other parents we know so, we were fairly confident we would approve.  We wanted a daycare closer to home as work-at-home options were available to me, which haven’t been in the past. 

 As you are aware, we are confident that Bright Beginnings is the ONLY place we feel positive is the right place for our children.  We are sad that Paige’s days at Bright Beginnings are coming to an end.  She has enjoyed her time there so much and even as she was in 4K, always talked about and questioned when she was going back to Bright Beginnings.  We are looking forward to another five years with our new little girl attending your center, even though it isn't the most ideal for us, logistically.  The staff, the curriculum, and the environment is simply amazing.  We know we won’t feel comfortable anywhere else. 

 Thank you all for all you do.

                                                                                                                                                                                          - Erin M.

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